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Take control of your home with a right to manage

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We are a highly experienced team of property professionals managing portfolios throughout the UK consisting of RTM’s, RMC’s and Private Student Accommodation.

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Take control of your home with a right to manage

A RTM gives YOU control over the costs

A RTM gives YOU a say in how YOUR money is spent 

A RTM gives you a say in what services are provided 

A RTM gives YOU a voice!

Advantages of Right to Manage

Right to Manage grants leaseholders the right to control the management of the development through the RTM Company. It allows leaseholders to gain control of the management of their apartments from the freeholder.

Day to day management will still be outsourced to a competent company but you  will have control over the contractual specification (i.e., what services are provided) and the choice of and termination of any management contract. In essence – this new company will work for you instead of the freeholder.

The criteria which leaseholders must meet to exercise their right to control the management is usually satisfied by most flat owners.  They are not required to prove that the Freeholder or his Managing Agent is managing the building poorly.

The only financial obligation beyond the right to manage company’s fees (which are usually low) would be the ‘reasonable legal costs’ of the freeholder. Typically, these would be recovered in the first year through the new, reduced management fees. All set up costs will also be paid for by the RTM set up company and added to the service charge once the move has completed, so there will be no immediate cost to yourself.

All leaseholders in the property are entitled to be part of the Right to Manage Company and have equal right of access to and voting powers.

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At Home Management Group we have successfully set up and manage a number of Right To Manage Developments

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What is the Qualification for Right to Manage?

To set up a Right to Manage Company certain conditions must be met, and a minimum number of leaseholders are required to take part:


50% of flat-owners must want to go through the process


2/3 must have long leases at time of issue


Less than 25% of floor area of building must be commercial

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